Learning Through Play

It is our philosophy that children learn through play.  Each child develops mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.  Age-appropriate learning experiences are provided to allow each child to progress at his/her own pace and to experience success in each of these areas through hands-on activities in learning centers.  The curriculum that we use is activity-based.  Since preschoolers are active learners they should be involved in activities that allow them to learn through experience rather than simply listening.  They must have the ability to make choices such as:  what center to play in, which resources to interact with, whether to play with a group or on their own, etc.  Providing this kind of environment encourages them to express their creativity and learn what their preferences are.  It teaches them the independence of making one’s own choices and allows them to grow socially.  We invite you to read one of our favorite poems, “Just Playing” by Anita Wadley.  It’s a great way to help  parents understand how important play is to a child.  To learn more about the Wee Learn curriculum and its benefits, please click here.