Our facility is located within Second Baptist Church in the Children’s Ministry wing adjacent to Timbergate Road.  For added security, our center is equipped with closed circuit security cameras and glass doors requiring a parent or teacher code to access the classroom hall, office, and Activity Room.  Our Latchkey program meets on the opposite end of the hallway in the church Fellowship Hall.   Our classrooms are designed to meet the needs of the children according to age.  We ensure that each room is equipped with age-appropriate toys and books and that each room is arranged and furnished to provide a dynamic and enjoyable classroom experience


 Our large playground is perfect for exercise and large-motor activities.  It is divided into three main areas with play equipment that accommodates all age levels.  The infant/toddler play area is surrounded by an activity wall which divides it from the larger  play areas, allowing our younger children to play in a separate, secure area  Apart from the play structures, there is also a bike path with tricycles for our preschoolers to use.  Other than everyday play, our playground is used for special events such as Splash Days, Field Days, Easter Egg Hunts, and much more.  Recently water fountains were added within the playground and the infant/toddler area was renovated.  Our next project is to add an enclosed gardening area within the playground where the children can plant and cultivate their own garden! To view more pictures of our playground, please click here.



Our center is equipped with a full kitchen and dining area.  All meals are prepared on site by our kitchen staff and children two years and up enjoy their lunch period in the Lunchroom.





The Activity Room is our center’s multi-purpose room.  This additional space serves as the drop-off and pick-up area at the beginning and end of each day, the entertainment room for the teachers’ weekly scheduled television time, and a playroom for rainy/inclement days.  The space is large enough for children to enjoy indoor large-motor activities so that they are still able to exercise and enjoy some free play time outside of the classroom.