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Advent Week 4: Out of Silence

We return this week to Zechariah’s story. When we left him in week one of this series, he had returned home unable to speak because of his unbelief, reeling from Gabriel’s message. After that day in the temple, Zechariah was plunged into a season of silent waiting. What must those months of waiting have been […]

Advent Week 3: Simple Trust

Imagine with me for a few moments. The day begins like any other in the small village. Mary wakes as the first rays of sun peek over the horizon, and after dressing for the day, she carries her clay jar to the well to draw water for the day, basking in the early morning sunlight […]

Advent Week 2: Surprise

When is the last time you were surprised? I mean completely thrown off, didn’t see it coming, couldn’t believe your eyes, left standing mouth agape surprised? I do not consider myself easily surprised. I am a planner and detail oriented; however, Aaron, my husband, has managed to surprise me several times over the years. One […]

Service for Shirley Moore

Advent Week 1: Expectant Waiting

I have a confession to make: I do not enjoy waiting in lines, especially at the grocery store. I’m fine at first, but if something is taking longer than it should, I become impatient, frustrated, and hyperaware of how quickly every other line is moving. It doesn’t help that I often seem to choose the […]

His Love Endures Forever

We find ourselves on the precipice of the 2021 holiday season. Local coffee shops are rolling out their peppermint infused holiday drinks, Christmas music floats through the air in stores, and my Christmas tree is glowing behind me as I write. And while this holiday season appears to be starting in a much better place […]