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Sacred Home

What is the most spectacular thing you have ever seen God do? Take a moment and remember. What emotions overwhelmed you? How did you respond to God? Moses was in such a place in Exodus 15. God had once again intervened on behalf of the Israelites in spectacular fashion. After being led out of Egypt […]


The reality of our new normal has been weighing on me as of late. The rhythm of grocery buying via website, mask wearing when I leave the house, isolation of spending so much time at home, and online connecting with people who I am accustomed to seeing face to face is really starting to bring […]

Sweet as Honey

I have a confession to make. I love honey. Specifically, I love creamed or whipped honey. Whipped honey, unlike its drizzly counterpart, is thick, creamy, spreadable and has the perfect, rich sweetness. My go to comfort food is a peanut butter and honey sandwich made with whipped honey. For Mother’s Day this year, Jude and […]


We have several yucca plants in our yard. And one thing I have learned about them in the last two years is they are not very wind resistant. Twice in the last few months, our yucca plants have taken a beating from the wind. During Hurricane Hanna this past weekend, all of the branches on […]

Information Overload

We live in an information age. Facts and figures about any topic under the sun are literally at our fingertips. How long will the monarch caterpillar remain in its chrysalis before emerging as a butterfly? Type the question into Google, and instantly we receive over 500,000 results from all across the internet. Or we can […]

Trust in the Lord

The world has changed again. Seemingly overnight coronavirus cases began skyrocketing in our tucked away nook of the South Texas coast. Masks wearing is now mandated by the state. And social distancing is here to stay, at least for a while. Was it really only three weeks ago that we had fewer than 100 cases […]