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A Thirsty Hike

When was the last time you were thirsty? I mean cotton-mouthed, cracked lips, throw caution to the wind and drink out of the water fountain at the mall thirsty. Years ago when we were running multiple weeks of camp every summer, Aaron and I took our camp staff on a multi-day canoe trip down the […]

Lighting the Darkness

The thick fog rolls across my backyard in the hour before dawn. My neighbor’s pool lights illuminate the fog with green and purple light casting an eerie light in the fog rising behind our fence. The darkness seems especially dark today. We are in the midst of Holy Week, a drastically different Holy Week from […]

Journey to the Cross Family Devotional

At times even the best laid plans must change, and this year’s Journey to the Cross with its wonderfully made plans must change. The Journey to the Cross experience will happen sometime later this year.As for this prayer guide, let it be your preparation for an Easter unlike any of us have experienced. Let it […]

Silencing the Cacophony

As I sit down to write this morning, my mind is swirling. Like the churning waters at the base of a waterfall, my mind runs through an endless, repeating cycle. Yesterday’s to do list that I failed to complete, today’s to do list that is ever growing, numbers of people sickened with the virus in […]

When Tsunamis Threaten

Seemingly overnight our city, nestled in the sweeping bend of the Texas coast, has turned upside down. Grocery store shelves are empty. Police officers guard the milk and eggs making sure people only take one. People are hoarding toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer, and anything else that brings them comfort. (Side note: why aren’t more […]