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This week leading up to Easter is Holy Week. And in preparation for Easter, let’s set aside some intentional time to connect with God. Each day brings a new devotional thought with something to read, do, listen to, or watch. Below you will find links for the daily devotional posts for each day. Sunday- Psalm […]

Have you ever been overcome by joy to the extent that you felt as if your heart would burst? Spend a moment or two revisiting that experience. What was the source of your joy? As Jesus drew near to Jerusalem, Luke tells us that Jesus’ followers, overcome with joy, began to shout and sing praises […]

Today our focus is on Jesus. Watch this video and reflect on Paul’s description of Jesus in Colossians 1:15-20.

It’s Tuesday. The week is well underway. Work and school demand our full attention. Bills must be paid. Laundry is piling up. Dinner must be prepared. Our kids must make it to their baseball and karate practices. Normal, mundane but busy things. Yet Jesus stepped into our ordinary, mundane lives and was born as a […]

Our focus today is sin and confession. Watch this video and spend time reflecting on the words of Psalm 51:1-10.

Today’s spiritual practice is to listen to Andrew Peterson’s album Resurrection Letters: Prologue. This short album (19 min) is a poignant reflection on Jesus’ crucifixion covering his last words to his burial. As you listen to these songs, notice how the music moves you, what emotions it evokes, and what images come to mind. May […]