Merry Christmas!
Yes, yes, it is the beginning of the summer. Don’t worry you didn’t sleep for six months. But we can celebrate Jesus’ arrival all year long. Because when Jesus shows up, all things are made new.

Take a few deep breaths this morning. Ask God to meet with you in these next few minutes. Pause in silence for a few moments.

After John Baptist was born, God moved in his father’s heart, and he rejoiced with these words.

READ Luke 1:67-80

Did any part of this catch your attention? Why?

Where do you see celebration show up in this passage?

What did this passage say about God and his action?

How have you experienced Jesus’ arrival in your life?

PRAY: Talk to God about how Jesus impacts your life. How much does Jesus influence your life? Is there any area in your life that Jesus doesn’t impact? What makes it difficult to open up that area to Jesus?

*** For clarity, verses 68-75 are about the soon to be birth of Jesus; verses 76-80 are about Zechariah’s son John the Baptist.

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