Every day begins with a reminder that we are empty. Our bodies processed the fuel we gave them from the day before, and shortly after we wake up, we feel hungry. We need to eat to replenish our energy and the nutrients for our body to function. The same can be true for us spiritually. So today we are celebrating never being empty!

Have you ever felt empty emotionally or spiritually? Pause here and think back to a time when you felt empty.

How do you think God can fill those needs?

READ Mark 10:13-16.

The children were brought to Jesus. The children weren’t scared, but seemed to be getting so much of Jesus’ attention that it annoyed the disciples who thought he should be focused on more mature important matters with the adults.

What does it mean to come to Jesus like a child?

If we approach Jesus like a child what would we be expecting for him to give us?

PRAYER: When you think of Jesus, what visual image comes to mind? Today we are going to think about Jesus with a smile, perhaps a face filled with laughter. On the back of this page draw a picture of Jesus smiling. Let this drawing be your prayer. As you draw imagine yourself sitting with Jesus and enjoying his company.

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