Let’s Celebrate! Hopefully, this week has opened your eyes to how fun and adventurous a life following Jesus can be. There are many reasons to celebrate; no matter our circumstances, we can rejoice! This morning let’s return one more time to our theme of Celebrate!

READ Matthew 21:1-11.

What moves you to your feet and makes you cheer?

If you were one of these crowd members why would you be cheering for Jesus?

What is a way you have experienced God this week?

Have you learned something about God or your relationship with him?

In what area of your life do you need Jesus to make a triumphant entry?

We have talked about Celebrate! in lots of different ways this week. What will you leave celebrating?

CHALLENGE: Find a way to make Philippians 4:4 a part of your daily rhythm for the next month. (Write it on your mirror, set a background on your phone, etc.). Write down your plan here, and then share your plan with your small group so they can help hold you accountable.

PRAY: Celebrate today by rejoicing and praising God for what you have experienced this week.

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