Imagine a field of ice as far as the eye can see covered in a deep blanket of snow sliding down a mountain slowly for thousands of years. That is a glacier, and one of the greatest adventures is living and traveling by foot across one. Every step you take has the possibility of opening up into a void in the ice. You have to be ready at a moment’s notice to rescue a teammate on the other end of your rope who falls through ice. Quickly you build not one but two or more anchors to attach the rope to before starting the process of hauling up your teammate. Why take the time to build anchors? In order to perform the rescue, you need something concrete and stable to begin the process.

What gives you stability in life? What gives you confidence?

READ Revelation 7:9-17.

What stands out to you about this passage?

Is there anything in this passage that give you confidence? Why?

Where do you see rejoicing and joy in this passage?

This passage takes place at some point in the future. What does it mean for now?

PRAY: Talk to God about finding an unwavering confidence in him. What doubts do you have? What concerns? Ask God to form in you a rejoicing heart.

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