Journey to the Cross Family Devotional

At times even the best laid plans must change, and this year’s Journey to the Cross with its wonderfully made plans must change. The Journey to the Cross experience will happen sometime later this year.

As for this prayer guide, let it be your preparation for an Easter unlike any of us have experienced. Let it prepare your hearts to meet the resurrected Jesus afresh. Let it reignite the excitement you had the first time you invited Jesus into your life, and he brought salvation to you. Let it be the beginning of a renewed journey with God who wants to be in every part of your life.

Begin the Day 1 devotion on April 3. Then proceed through each day’s devotion until Day 10 which will be Resurrection morning on April 12.

Someone said to me that they thought Easter this year would be crazy. I agreed and reminded them that the first Easter was crazy, too. Someone who had been executed by crucifixion came back alive!

May this guide bless you during this special season.

In Christ,
Dana Moore
Second Baptist Church

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