Holy Week Devotional – Tuesday

It’s Tuesday. The week is well underway. Work and school demand our full attention. Bills must be paid. Laundry is piling up. Dinner must be prepared. Our kids must make it to their baseball and karate practices. Normal, mundane but busy things.

Yet Jesus stepped into our ordinary, mundane lives and was born as a human being, transforming our ordinary into something extraordinary.

Read John 3:16-21 aloud, slowly.

Does anything grab your attention in these familiar verses?

What does it mean to you that God loves the whole world?

How does imagery of light and darkness show up in this passage?

Jesus broke into our human existence and flooded it with God’s love restoring us to a right relationship with God. In fact, God’s love for humanity is the reason for this plan in the first place.

Today, let’s connect with Jesus in the midst of our mundaneness and allow him to transform our most ordinary moments into moments of sweet communion with him. At least two other times today, pause and read or recite John 3:16-17 and whisper a brief prayer of thanksgiving.  Set a reminder alarm if needed, and let this moment truly be an interruption. Pause while washing dishes or folding laundry. Pause while walking to your next class. Pause while waiting in the pickup line at your child’s school. Pause as a family while sitting down to a meal. Pause in the middle of a television show. Pause in the midst of a difficult homework assignment. Pause while preparing for bed.

And just as Jesus broke into the dark mundaneness of human existence and flooded it with his radiant light, so he will do the same for us moment by moment as we turn our hearts and minds toward him.

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