Holy Week Devotional – Saturday

Meander: “to wander aimlessly or casually without urgent destination”

When is the last time you used the word meander? More importantly, when is the last time you slowed down and meandered- walked simply for the pleasure of being in God’s creation or drove simply for the pleasure of seeing the city or tarried in your backyard or at your window for the pleasure of observing the various species of birds?

Today on Holy Saturday, we are going to slow down and meander with God reflecting on our experience over the last several days. Our goal is to be with God and tarry in God’s presence. And the method is simple. Take a meandering walk or drive. You could walk around your neighborhood, a park, your backyard, or even inside your home. If driving is more your speed, take a meandering drive. You can even meander without physically walking or driving around. Remain at a window or sit on your porch. The point is to dwell with God in an unhurried manner.

Begin your time with a simple prayer, such as, “God, I’m here to meet with you.” Then meander, imagining God is right beside you meandering with you. Ask God to guide you as you reflect on your journey through this week. Think about the cross and Christ’s sacrifice for us. Ponder how Jesus’ followers must have felt on this in between day 2000 years ago. Ask God how you can share this good news with others. If your mind begins to wander, don’t fret. Take a deep breath and begin again with the same simple prayer.

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